Turbo Pyro is Open for Business!

July 13, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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Turbo Pyro went live earlier today with a BANG! The first 100 Kits were sold within 10 minutes!

The whole day has been crazy, and we have not been able to keep up with downloading orders all day.

If you are wondering about your order status… If you got to the page containing the red order number, we do have your order.

If you ordered today, your Kits will probably ship to you tomorrow.  Watch your email for a shipping confirmation and tracking number.  Remember, each kit is shipped in two separate boxes (Oxidizers in one, fuses and flammables shipped separately in the other box).  So be looking for at least two boxes, more if you ordered refill kits, screens, and the big scale.

400 kits were available when the site went live earlier today.

I don’t know how long the remaining kits will last, but we will try to give everyone on our list as much warning as we can before we have to close.

Just go to http://www.TurboPyro.com if you want to order.

Let us know if you have any problems.

Harry Gilliam


2 Responses to “Turbo Pyro is Open for Business!”
  1. JFeve says:

    3rd times a charm right? Couldn’t get the first 2 offerings of Turbo Pyro but I got this one. And if I read the other comments right I am one of the magical 100. Order 2065. Does this mean I was the 65th order? Either way I’m glad I finally managed to get an order in. I love building things and I love fireworks. Can’t wait for it to get here. Like a kid on Christmas.

    Also my wife was telling one of her friends what I bought and I quote, “He got enough to blow up a small 3rd world country and make it look pretty.”

  2. Aaron #35 buyer says:

    Hey harry i am not disappointed at all with the kit infact i love it but i made most of the projects and tested them they all whent perfect except the bottle rockets i did everything exact to the instructions like all of the rest what they did was go up about 1 foot and then hit the ground and kept sprying the stuff out but did not move i used exactly the same lengths of tape and stars and powder and clay and bammbo do you know what happend and how i could fix the other 8 i did not test?

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