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There have been so many questions about what it takes to make fireworks legally. Check out the comments and questions in my last blog post:


You need to understand legalities in your town or county, in your state, and federally. As far as I know, there is no single website you can go to for legal info on local and state fireworks making.

I suggest you first go to your state’s legislative web site, and research “fireworks” there. Download everything you find, and follow all cross references and links. Be sure you understand your state’s legal distinctions between “fireworks” and “explosives.” Remember that although all fireworks really ARE explosives, laws and regulations frequently treat explosives and fireworks differently.

Remember that if the laws do not restrict or prohibit an activity, then you are free do to it. You may find that it is simply not possible to legally make fireworks in your state. But, either way, you need to know.

Once you have researched your state laws and regs, then check for county/city ordinances. If the info is not available online, check your local library. If you strike out there, try your fire department.

Now, for the Federal info.

My favorite single resource of current US Federal information is Dave Stoddard’s excellent web site, called Getting Legal, based upon his presentation at a PGI convention:


I suggest you read every page of it. But the bottom line is that you can make and store fireworks for your own use legally without needing an ATF license. If you transport them, then you do need a license. If you store them they must be stored according to ATF regs (in the “Orange Book”), whether you have an ATF license or not.

You can easily make an ATF-legal magazine. Just sign up below and you can download Ned Gorski’s excellent project on making your own magazine. He has included a lot of killer info on getting legal as well.

If you decide to get any kind of ATF license for making, transporting, buying, storing fireworks, my recommendation is that you apply for an explosives manufacturing license. You can download the application for the license and the ATF reg’s on the topic free from the ATF website:

The “Orange Book” http://www.atf.gov/publications/download/p/atf-p-5400-7.pdf
Application for license: http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-5400-13.pdf

Again, if you want to make fireworks, then apply for Explosives Manufacturing. User licenses do not allow you to make anything. Manufacturing licenses let you do everything you would want.

Finally, the Fed’s do not regulate your actual shooting/use of fireworks. That comes under local and state laws.

Please post your questions and comments below.

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