Good News, Bad News About Turbo Pyro

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There’s some good news and some bad news about Turbo Pyro.

The Good News is that very soon, probably late this week, 52 Turbo Pyro Kits and eBooks will be ready and can be released again.

If you’re interested in getting your own Turbo Pyro book and kit, use this link right now to…

Put your name on the Early Bird List for Turbo Pyro.

But, please, please, please…for your sake and others’…do not share this info with anyone else. The reason will be obvious in a minute.

Turbo Pyro was first offered in June 2009 on a limited basis to see if folks were interested in it.

Were they ever!

More than 400 people bought all of the Turbo Pyros we had in an hour and 28 minutes!

It took us until October 2009 to get another 300 kits made. And then THEY were gone in two days!

We got another 400 Turbo Pyro Kits made up last June, and then they sold out, too. (The fireworks tooling included in each kit has to be custom made for us in China, and they take a God-awful long time to get. Otherwise, we’d have them in stock all the time.)

The point is, that just about as fast as we get the special Turbo Pyro tools in stock here, and the kits made up, they sell out.

So, please don’t tell your pyro pals about this particular project.

Just a reminder what Turbo Pyro consists of: There are two parts:

Turbo Pyro eBook containing 10 fireworks projects that you can make in a weekend.

  • 5 Aerial Shells
  • 10 Rockets
  • 10 Fountains
  • 15 Sparklers
  • 2 Wheels
  • 10 Helicopters
  • 10 Stinger Missiles
  • 10 Hummers & Whirlwinds
  • 10 Pumped Star Mines
  • 10 Flying Fish Mines

The Turbo Pyro eBook is loaded with idiot-proof instructions, hundreds of color photos and diagrams, even videos to show you how every critical step is done. And best of all, the 160+ page Turbo Pyro downloadable eBook will be free.

There is also a Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit containing all the chemicals, tubes, fuse, and other pyro supplies needed to make all ten projects–92 individual fireworks–in the book.

The kit is an incredible bargain. If you purchased all the components separately from us, you would have to spend more than $670 to get everything that’s in the kit.

But it only costs a fraction of that.

Turbo Pyro is simply the most economical way there is to learn how to make fireworks. Period.

But here’s the bad news.

There are 457 people on the waiting list for Turbo Pyro right now. And only 52 kits are going to be available this time.

Since there are not enough kits to go around, here’s the plan.

First, if you want to get one of the kits, use this link right now to…

Put your name on the Early Bird List for Turbo Pyro.

If you don’t put yourself on the Early Bird List, we will assume you are not interested. In fact, if they sell out early, you won’t even hear about Turbo Pyro being ready.

But if you are on the Early Bird List, we’ll let you know an hour or two ahead of everyone else. So you’ll get first crack at getting in on this release of Turbo Pyro.

The last of the kits are being assembled and boxed up right now.

As soon as they are ready, we’ll you the exact day and time you can order Turbo Pyro.

Just a heads up: that will be daytime, during working hours for most people. We are shooting for around mid-day, Eastern time. I am about 80% sure it will be late this week.

So, if you cannot get to a computer during that time, you may want to get a family member or friend to order for you. I want to warn you that at the starting time, there is a stampede. (With hundreds of people hitting the web site at the same time, I actually have two tech guys standing by to make sure the servers can handle the traffic surge.)

But don’t worry, we will give you a day or two’s warning. Just be sure and check your emails from us for the few days, so you’ll know when…


Use this link right now to

Get your name on the Early Bird List for Turbo Pyro.

Once all 52 Turbo Pyros are sold out, the site will close again.

So, if you want to get into the Turbo Pyro program this year, you should go here to…

Put yourself on the Early Bird List right now.

Harry Gilliam
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

PS: I’ve decided to add two new projects to Turbo Pyro. I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Good News, Bad News About Turbo Pyro”
  1. Jim says:

    Hello Harry, I have all the components of a turbo pyro kit as I knew someone that gave up on the idea after ordering it and a refill kit and simply gave them to me. What I am in need of is the e-book with all the instructions. Please let me know how to aquire it. Jim

  2. Jim,

    Send me an email, and I’ll get you the link.


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