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We’re releasing Turbo Pyro on:

Friday, November 19th, at 12:00 PM, Eastern US time.

Here is where to go Friday to get Turbo Pyro:


As soon as the site is live, you’ll see another email from us to remind you.

Remember, if you’re on the Early Bird List, you will be able to get into the Turbo Pyro site through a “back door” an hour before 12:00 PM, when it opens up to everybody else.

Sign up at the bottom of this page to get on the Early Bird List.

Here’s what Turbo Pyro will cost:

Turbo Pyro eBook FREE (during product launch)
Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit $ 197.00

Wanna see what all the projects in Turbo Pyro look like when they’re finished?

Check out these videos. They show you every one of the Turbo Pyro fireworks being fired from the actual torch held by the author of Turbo Pyro, Ned Gorski hisself.

If you don’t know Ned, you may be able to make out Ned’s actual hand in some of the videos!

In the dozens of Turbo Pyro videos in the ebook, all you ever see of Ned is his hand. Despite that, I want to assure you doubters that there really is a real, live actual Ned Gorski attached to that hand. (Unfortunately, I cannot prove it to you, at least not right now.)

Here are Action Videos of all the fireworks in Turbo Pyro.

Click on the images to play the videos. Use your browser’s back button to return to this page to play the next one.

3/8-Inch Pumped Stars and Star-Mines

Flying-Fish-Fuse Mines

Silver-Spark Tube-Sparklers

Orange-Spark and Silver Fountains

Color-Changing Wheels

Magnum Bottle-Rockets


Stinger Missiles

Hummers and Whirlwinds

Festival-Ball Aerial Fireworks Shells

Mini Bottle Rockets


Meanwhile, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Only 1 more day before Turbo Pyro goes live.

If you even think you want to get in on this year’s Turbo Pyro release, do not dilly dally. Do not percrasternate. Use the link below right now to get yerself on the Early Bird List:

Get yourself on the Early Bird List

The first time we offered Turbo Pyro, the Early Birders scarfed ’em ALL up! Nobody else got any.

And, dear hearts, ONLY those wise, brilliant Early Birders will be sent the Open Sesame link a couple of hours ahead of everyone else.

Nobody else on this particular planet will be notified early.

Twitter will not know. Facebook will be totally ignored. All the pyro newsgroups and lists will be left completely, helplessly in the dark.

Nope. Nobody else. Just the privileged few.

Will that be yew? (my apologies, Ogden Nash, wherever you are)

Please give us your opinion:

Looking at the videos above, which firework would you like to make the most? You can answer in the comments below. Thanks.

Remember, if you are on the Early Bird list, you will receive your special Open Sesame email Friday morning.

Get on the Turbo Pyro
Early Bird List

Double Check your email for accuracy to be sure you get on the Early Bird List. Our privacy policy keeps your email safe and secure. We will never sell, rent, give, or divulge your email information to ANYONE.
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6 Responses to “Turbo Pyro Project Videos”
  1. Mayo says:

    By far, the one I want to make the most is the Festival-Ball Aerial Fireworks Shells.
    If you come up with a kit just for those I would be on it like flies on watermelon.
    Or something

  2. Jerry Bohnert says:

    The Magnum Bottle was fun making but. they did not go far. aney ideas on what to do?

  3. Jerry,

    Yep, better BP. We’ll have a project out very shortly on inexpensive ball milling of Black Powder. Switch to ball milled BP, and you will get the power and distance you want.

    Turbo Pyro’s set up to show you HOW this stuff is made, and to be able to learn that at about the lowest possible cost. Ball milling has mostly been pretty expensive. But we’re gonna show you a good $50 ball mill, and a source for some hardened lead balls to help you grind that BP in just a couple of hours. Watch yer emails.


  4. Mayo,

    Have you ever made anything else? Depending on your experience level, I have a couple of suggestions for you.


  5. Mayo says:

    No – I have little to no experience. So far the only thing I’ve made has been rocket candy, which I overcooked and so it didn’t burn as expected, and I’ve made some bottle rockets using (of all things) pieces of fast burning fuse encased in aluminum foil tape (taped to bamboo BBQ skewers) with slower green fuse to ignite it. These actually work extremely well – although there’s no “pop” at the end of the flight.

  6. Jerry Bohnert says:

    Will be looking for it . Go liglt something now

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