What’s in the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit?

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The Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit:
The fastest & cheapest way to learn
to make fireworks!

Without Turbo Pyro you’ll spend $670
or more for startup pyro supplies

If youre just starting out in fireworks making, the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit is a fantastic value. You get all the hard-to-find pyro chemicals, supplies, and special tools to complete all ten of the projects in Turbo Pyro.

Enough supplies & tools to
make 92 fireworks in one weekend!

Ned Gorski designed the ten Turbo Pyro fireworks projects to save you money. And yet, you still end up with 10 different kinds of fireworks, and 92 individual, finished fireworks.

Of course, you could always go out and find everything in the kit on your own.

But, if you go shopping for everything supplied in the Turbo Pyro Kit yourself, including the 5 different tools that the Combo Tool set replaces, you’ll find it will cost you $670 or more.

Aside from the cost, you’ll also find that you’re forced to buy more stuff than you actually need. A lot more.

So, Turbo Pyro will cut your costs by more than 70%!


First, the Turbo Pyro Kit contains only the exact quantities you need to build the specific projects in the book. Nothing more. You won’t waste money on a lotta extra stuff that you don’t need.

Second, we got the most expensive and important part of the kit, the Combo Tool set, custom-machined at rock bottom prices in China. This replaces 5 expensive individual pyro tools, costing hundreds of dollars if you buy them here in the US.

Finally, the whole Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit is being offered at a huge discount that you may never see again.

Turbo Pyro normally retails for $325, but if you order it this week, you’ll only pay only $197 for the book and the supplies kit–while supplies last.

Turbo Pyro is only $197
Limit one per customer, only 52 available

I could rave on for hours about how good a deal Turbo Pyro is. Instead, listen to what my friend Eddie Gonzalez says about it.

I first met Eddie earlier this year at a fireworks club shoot. New guy. Hadn’t seen him around before. He introduced himself, explained he had bought Turbo Pyro when it first came out in June 2009. And here he is, less than a year later, hanging out with the best fireworks makers in the US, making big batches of stars and making his own aerial shells.

You Must Have Java Turned On To View This Video

If you are not already one of the 547 people already on the Early Bird list for Turbo Pyro, sign up right now above.

Harry Gilliam
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

PS: I have added 2 bonus projects to Turbo Pyro this time: Mini Bottle Rockets, and Girandolas. Tomorrow, I will send you videos of all the Turbo Pyro and these 2 free projects.

PPS: If you want to see a detailed list of all the tools, chemicals and supplies in Turbo Pyro, just click here.


6 Responses to “What’s in the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit?”
  1. Chuck De Luck says:

    Hi Harry, I haven’t found any link in the letter to get in line for the TP project.
    I do get the updates, but haven’t found a link.
    I’m actually mostly interested in smoke fireworks for a project on the BM)( Playa next year.
    (Hippies and explosive things don’t always mix) lol
    Chuck De Luck

  2. Chuck,

    Play the video above, and you will see where to enter your name and email at the end of it.


  3. Chuck De Luck says:

    @Harry Gilliam,
    Ok, I’m in.
    I didn’t see a video before.

  4. Fred Soelzer says:

    Regarding the Turbo Pyro, you are a marketing genius! If I really want to know what’s in the package I can jump from one link to another and still only come up with some “genuinely satisfied customer” but alas, not a specific description of the amazing tool, etc., etc. If you were maybe a little more straight forward in your description I would be more inclined towards placing an order… but then by now you are no-doubt sold out. Doggonit!

  5. Hey, Fred,

    There’s a blog post called “What’s in the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit.” The very last line of that post contains a link to a complete list, with pictures and details of everything in the kit. And we’ve still got some left. About 35 sold so far this morning.


  6. Ron says:

    Just speakin’ my mind here…… LEGALIZE CLASS C(1.4G)

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