Why do you NOT make fireworks?

November 13, 2010 by · 2 Comments
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If you’d like to be able to make fireworks, but cannot for some reason, please tell us a little about your situation.

Here’s a quick questionnaire that’ll take you 2-3 minutes of your time.  Just go to the link below.


You do not have to provide any personal information. Any answers you provide will be kept completely confidential.

Why do we want this info?

Great question.

Skylighter tries to design products and fireworks-making projects so that people are actually able to complete them.  Projects that fit their life situations.

If you tell us what your fireworks problems, obstacles, and constraints are, then we will try to provide you with information that will help you overcome them.  And get projects designed that fit your particular situation and preferences.

For instance, some people told us that they believe there are Federal laws making it illegal to make fireworks.  But, actually, that’s not exactly so.  Soon, we’ll show you exactly what you have to do to be able to make all the fireworks you want and be in total compliance with Federal explosives laws.  It’s a lot easier than you think and very inexpensive.

The more of these kinds of problems we find out about, the more we may be able to help you.

So, please, take just 2-3 minutes and answer the 7 questions in this survey.


If you are already making fireworks, please skip this questionnaire.  Thanks.

Thank you for your time.

Talk to you soon,

Harry Gilliam

PS:  Question for you:  What are your biggest fireworks fears?  Just leave a comment below.


2 Responses to “Why do you NOT make fireworks?”
  1. Dick says:

    Lose a hand.

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