Turbo Pyro is OPEN until sold out.

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Turbo Pyro went live earlier today with a BANG! More than half of the available 52 kits were sold within 10 minutes!

If you are wondering about your order status… If you got to the page containing the red order number, we do have your order.

If you ordered today, your Turbo Pyro will most likely ship to you today. Watch your email for a shipping confirmation and tracking number.

Remember, each kit is shipped in two separate boxes (Oxidizers in one, fuses and flammables shipped separately in the other box). So be looking for at least two boxes, more if you ordered refill kits, screens, and the big scale. They will be coming to you by US Postal Service ground (Parcel Post). We ship everything to you at the same time. But the good ole post office will sometimes deliver those boxes to you on different days. Do not despair. Your stuff will get to you.

52 kits were available when the site went live earlier today.

I don’t know how long the remaining kits will last, but we will try to give everyone on our list as much warning as we can before we have to close.

Just go to http://www.TurboPyro.com if you want to order.

Let us know if you have any problems.

Harry Gilliam

Turbo Pyro Project Videos

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We’re releasing Turbo Pyro on:

Friday, November 19th, at 12:00 PM, Eastern US time.

Here is where to go Friday to get Turbo Pyro:


As soon as the site is live, you’ll see another email from us to remind you.

Remember, if you’re on the Early Bird List, you will be able to get into the Turbo Pyro site through a “back door” an hour before 12:00 PM, when it opens up to everybody else.

Sign up at the bottom of this page to get on the Early Bird List.

Here’s what Turbo Pyro will cost:

Turbo Pyro eBook FREE (during product launch)
Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit $ 197.00

Wanna see what all the projects in Turbo Pyro look like when they’re finished?

Check out these videos. They show you every one of the Turbo Pyro fireworks being fired from the actual torch held by the author of Turbo Pyro, Ned Gorski hisself.

If you don’t know Ned, you may be able to make out Ned’s actual hand in some of the videos!

In the dozens of Turbo Pyro videos in the ebook, all you ever see of Ned is his hand. Despite that, I want to assure you doubters that there really is a real, live actual Ned Gorski attached to that hand. (Unfortunately, I cannot prove it to you, at least not right now.)

Here are Action Videos of all the fireworks in Turbo Pyro.

Click on the images to play the videos. Use your browser’s back button to return to this page to play the next one.

3/8-Inch Pumped Stars and Star-Mines

Flying-Fish-Fuse Mines

Silver-Spark Tube-Sparklers

Orange-Spark and Silver Fountains

Color-Changing Wheels

Magnum Bottle-Rockets


Stinger Missiles

Hummers and Whirlwinds

Festival-Ball Aerial Fireworks Shells

Mini Bottle Rockets


Meanwhile, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Only 1 more day before Turbo Pyro goes live.

If you even think you want to get in on this year’s Turbo Pyro release, do not dilly dally. Do not percrasternate. Use the link below right now to get yerself on the Early Bird List:

Get yourself on the Early Bird List

The first time we offered Turbo Pyro, the Early Birders scarfed ’em ALL up! Nobody else got any.

And, dear hearts, ONLY those wise, brilliant Early Birders will be sent the Open Sesame link a couple of hours ahead of everyone else.

Nobody else on this particular planet will be notified early.

Twitter will not know. Facebook will be totally ignored. All the pyro newsgroups and lists will be left completely, helplessly in the dark.

Nope. Nobody else. Just the privileged few.

Will that be yew? (my apologies, Ogden Nash, wherever you are)

Please give us your opinion:

Looking at the videos above, which firework would you like to make the most? You can answer in the comments below. Thanks.

Remember, if you are on the Early Bird list, you will receive your special Open Sesame email Friday morning.

Get on the Turbo Pyro
Early Bird List

Double Check your email for accuracy to be sure you get on the Early Bird List. Our privacy policy keeps your email safe and secure. We will never sell, rent, give, or divulge your email information to ANYONE.
Enter your email to get on the Early Bird List

What’s in the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit?

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The Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit:
The fastest & cheapest way to learn
to make fireworks!

Without Turbo Pyro you’ll spend $670
or more for startup pyro supplies

If youre just starting out in fireworks making, the Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit is a fantastic value. You get all the hard-to-find pyro chemicals, supplies, and special tools to complete all ten of the projects in Turbo Pyro.

Enough supplies & tools to
make 92 fireworks in one weekend!

Ned Gorski designed the ten Turbo Pyro fireworks projects to save you money. And yet, you still end up with 10 different kinds of fireworks, and 92 individual, finished fireworks.

Of course, you could always go out and find everything in the kit on your own.

But, if you go shopping for everything supplied in the Turbo Pyro Kit yourself, including the 5 different tools that the Combo Tool set replaces, you’ll find it will cost you $670 or more.

Aside from the cost, you’ll also find that you’re forced to buy more stuff than you actually need. A lot more.

So, Turbo Pyro will cut your costs by more than 70%!


First, the Turbo Pyro Kit contains only the exact quantities you need to build the specific projects in the book. Nothing more. You won’t waste money on a lotta extra stuff that you don’t need.

Second, we got the most expensive and important part of the kit, the Combo Tool set, custom-machined at rock bottom prices in China. This replaces 5 expensive individual pyro tools, costing hundreds of dollars if you buy them here in the US.

Finally, the whole Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit is being offered at a huge discount that you may never see again.

Turbo Pyro normally retails for $325, but if you order it this week, you’ll only pay only $197 for the book and the supplies kit–while supplies last.

Turbo Pyro is only $197
Limit one per customer, only 52 available

I could rave on for hours about how good a deal Turbo Pyro is. Instead, listen to what my friend Eddie Gonzalez says about it.

I first met Eddie earlier this year at a fireworks club shoot. New guy. Hadn’t seen him around before. He introduced himself, explained he had bought Turbo Pyro when it first came out in June 2009. And here he is, less than a year later, hanging out with the best fireworks makers in the US, making big batches of stars and making his own aerial shells.

You Must Have Java Turned On To View This Video

If you are not already one of the 547 people already on the Early Bird list for Turbo Pyro, sign up right now above.

Harry Gilliam
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

PS: I have added 2 bonus projects to Turbo Pyro this time: Mini Bottle Rockets, and Girandolas. Tomorrow, I will send you videos of all the Turbo Pyro and these 2 free projects.

PPS: If you want to see a detailed list of all the tools, chemicals and supplies in Turbo Pyro, just click here.

Good News, Bad News About Turbo Pyro

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There’s some good news and some bad news about Turbo Pyro.

The Good News is that very soon, probably late this week, 52 Turbo Pyro Kits and eBooks will be ready and can be released again.

If you’re interested in getting your own Turbo Pyro book and kit, use this link right now to…

Put your name on the Early Bird List for Turbo Pyro.

But, please, please, please…for your sake and others’…do not share this info with anyone else. The reason will be obvious in a minute.

Turbo Pyro was first offered in June 2009 on a limited basis to see if folks were interested in it.

Were they ever!

More than 400 people bought all of the Turbo Pyros we had in an hour and 28 minutes!

It took us until October 2009 to get another 300 kits made. And then THEY were gone in two days!

We got another 400 Turbo Pyro Kits made up last June, and then they sold out, too. (The fireworks tooling included in each kit has to be custom made for us in China, and they take a God-awful long time to get. Otherwise, we’d have them in stock all the time.)

The point is, that just about as fast as we get the special Turbo Pyro tools in stock here, and the kits made up, they sell out.

So, please don’t tell your pyro pals about this particular project.

Just a reminder what Turbo Pyro consists of: There are two parts:

Turbo Pyro eBook containing 10 fireworks projects that you can make in a weekend.

  • 5 Aerial Shells
  • 10 Rockets
  • 10 Fountains
  • 15 Sparklers
  • 2 Wheels
  • 10 Helicopters
  • 10 Stinger Missiles
  • 10 Hummers & Whirlwinds
  • 10 Pumped Star Mines
  • 10 Flying Fish Mines

The Turbo Pyro eBook is loaded with idiot-proof instructions, hundreds of color photos and diagrams, even videos to show you how every critical step is done. And best of all, the 160+ page Turbo Pyro downloadable eBook will be free.

There is also a Turbo Pyro Supplies Kit containing all the chemicals, tubes, fuse, and other pyro supplies needed to make all ten projects–92 individual fireworks–in the book.

The kit is an incredible bargain. If you purchased all the components separately from us, you would have to spend more than $670 to get everything that’s in the kit.

But it only costs a fraction of that.

Turbo Pyro is simply the most economical way there is to learn how to make fireworks. Period.

But here’s the bad news.

There are 457 people on the waiting list for Turbo Pyro right now. And only 52 kits are going to be available this time.

Since there are not enough kits to go around, here’s the plan.

First, if you want to get one of the kits, use this link right now to…

Put your name on the Early Bird List for Turbo Pyro.

If you don’t put yourself on the Early Bird List, we will assume you are not interested. In fact, if they sell out early, you won’t even hear about Turbo Pyro being ready.

But if you are on the Early Bird List, we’ll let you know an hour or two ahead of everyone else. So you’ll get first crack at getting in on this release of Turbo Pyro.

The last of the kits are being assembled and boxed up right now.

As soon as they are ready, we’ll you the exact day and time you can order Turbo Pyro.

Just a heads up: that will be daytime, during working hours for most people. We are shooting for around mid-day, Eastern time. I am about 80% sure it will be late this week.

So, if you cannot get to a computer during that time, you may want to get a family member or friend to order for you. I want to warn you that at the starting time, there is a stampede. (With hundreds of people hitting the web site at the same time, I actually have two tech guys standing by to make sure the servers can handle the traffic surge.)

But don’t worry, we will give you a day or two’s warning. Just be sure and check your emails from us for the few days, so you’ll know when…


Use this link right now to

Get your name on the Early Bird List for Turbo Pyro.

Once all 52 Turbo Pyros are sold out, the site will close again.

So, if you want to get into the Turbo Pyro program this year, you should go here to…

Put yourself on the Early Bird List right now.

Harry Gilliam
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer

PS: I’ve decided to add two new projects to Turbo Pyro. I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

Fireworks Legalities & Storage Magazine

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There have been so many questions about what it takes to make fireworks legally. Check out the comments and questions in my last blog post:

You need to understand legalities in your town or county, in your state, and federally. As far as I know, there is no single website you can go to for legal info on local and state fireworks making.

I suggest you first go to your state’s legislative web site, and research “fireworks” there. Download everything you find, and follow all cross references and links. Be sure you understand your state’s legal distinctions between “fireworks” and “explosives.” Remember that although all fireworks really ARE explosives, laws and regulations frequently treat explosives and fireworks differently.

Remember that if the laws do not restrict or prohibit an activity, then you are free do to it. You may find that it is simply not possible to legally make fireworks in your state. But, either way, you need to know.

Once you have researched your state laws and regs, then check for county/city ordinances. If the info is not available online, check your local library. If you strike out there, try your fire department.

Now, for the Federal info.

My favorite single resource of current US Federal information is Dave Stoddard’s excellent web site, called Getting Legal, based upon his presentation at a PGI convention:

I suggest you read every page of it. But the bottom line is that you can make and store fireworks for your own use legally without needing an ATF license. If you transport them, then you do need a license. If you store them they must be stored according to ATF regs (in the “Orange Book”), whether you have an ATF license or not.

You can easily make an ATF-legal magazine. Just sign up below and you can download Ned Gorski’s excellent project on making your own magazine. He has included a lot of killer info on getting legal as well.

If you decide to get any kind of ATF license for making, transporting, buying, storing fireworks, my recommendation is that you apply for an explosives manufacturing license. You can download the application for the license and the ATF reg’s on the topic free from the ATF website:

The “Orange Book” http://www.atf.gov/publications/download/p/atf-p-5400-7.pdf
Application for license: http://www.atf.gov/forms/download/atf-f-5400-13.pdf

Again, if you want to make fireworks, then apply for Explosives Manufacturing. User licenses do not allow you to make anything. Manufacturing licenses let you do everything you would want.

Finally, the Fed’s do not regulate your actual shooting/use of fireworks. That comes under local and state laws.

Please post your questions and comments below.

Download the Fireworks Storage Magazine Project

Double Check your email for accuracy to ensure you receive access to the free PDF. Our privacy policy keeps your email safe and secure. We will never sell, rent, give, or divulge your email information to ANYONE.

Enter your email for FREE access

3526 People Told Why They Can’t Make Fireworks

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If you have a problem making fireworks, find out how you can overcome each of those problems yourself.

Yesterday we asked folks to take a survey on why they were NOT making their own fireworks.

The most important question was this:

Please tell us the main reason you are not making fireworks at this time.

Here’s what they told us.

Notice that the two most important problems were — No Storage Magazine, and Lack of Knowledge.

The really good news is that most, if not all, of those problems can be solved. And an exciting product from Skylighter called Turbo Pyro can help you do just that.

First, here’s good news about the list of fireworks-making problems:

No Manufacturing License: Did you know that it is completely legal federally to make all the fireworks you want for your own, personal use? Well the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF) says you can. Sign up below and download a copy of the letter from the ATF which gives you permission to make your own fireworks without a federal license.

No Fireworks Storage Magazine: We’ll show you how you can quickly and inexpensively make a magazine that meets all BATFE regulations.

Lack Fireworks Making Knowledge: This used to be one of the hardest, longest, and most expensive hurdles to overcome. This is where Turbo Pyro comes in, and fast! We’ll show you how to compress a year of learning into just two days.

Can’t Test Fireworks: When you make fireworks, you need to be able to fire and test them. This may be less of a problem than you thought. Can you already shoot consumer fireworks on your property? If so, that’s good news for you. Stay tuned.

No Legal Facility to Make Fireworks: Here’s a…ahhhh…my “dirty” little secret– my BATF-approved (honest!) manufacturing facility.

Yep, an old picnic table. In my yard, behind my house. Scarred and burnt. We’ll show you how to easily, simply, and inexpensively comply with BATF regs pertaining to fireworks manufacturing.

Legal Danger and Risk? Well sometimes it’s real. Sometimes it is not. You’ll learn how to figure out what your actual risks are. And guess what? The “man” is not out to git you. And try this on for size: you can not only get yourself legal. But you can actually have law enforcement agencies coming to you for advice and help in fireworks matters.

High Start-Up Costs: It is easy to spend $1,000 – $1,500 just to get started making fireworks. But next week, I’m going to show you how you can learn to make all the major types of fireworks for less than $200. Sign up below to find out how.

Not Enough Time: Suppose you could whack your learning curve from a year or more to 2 days? Would you believe that you can make 90 fireworks, from scratch, in 2 days? If you sign up below, Turbo Pyro will show you exactly how–next week.

Physical Danger/Risk: This is real. It is a part of the process of making and handling pyrotechnics. And it’s largely up to you. You’ll get first hand information shortly from several of the world’s top fireworks makers on how to manufacture and use fireworks and survive. If you have never made fireworks before, you definitely need to know what you’re getting into before you start.

Legalities of Making Fireworks Where You Live: In some places it’s legal. In others, it’s not. Either way, you need to know, before you start making fireworks. You’ll get tips on how to find out exactly what’s legal in your area.

So, here’s what happens next.

I am putting together a series of letters that’ll go out to you during the next week or so. Those letters will address many of the concerns above. Along with some incredible free information coming your way, just for the asking.

It will take about a week to get it all written and out to you. So, I’m going to send it out piecemeal, as soon as I get each chunk written.

I promise you that you are going to be absolutely tickled pink by what you see.

If you’re not, then unsubscribe or send me some hate mail!

So what is all this really about? What is Gilliam up to this time?

Simple, we will be making 50 sets of a product called Turbo Pyro right before Thanksgiving.

My objective with Turbo Pyro is to open up fireworks making to all those people who have really wanted to start, but couldn’t, for various reasons.

I want to enable as many people as possible to begin to successfully, safely, inexpensively, and legally begin to make fireworks within two days of getting Turbo Pyro into their hot little hands.

More than 1100 people have gotten Turbo Pyro so far. Here’s what one of them said about it:

“THE perfect starting point for the wannabe pyro, whether young or adult… good fun and educational, simple to follow and…without a huge expense for people who just want to get their feet wet for the first time. Great fun.”

The reviews from Turbo Pyro customers have been fantastic. We have never had another product which has been so enthusiastically received.

[Turbo Pyro] is exactly what I was looking for. The projects were easy to follow and fun to put together. Before I talked to you about this I had been on the fence about getting involved with pyro. I am definitely hooked and cannot wait to take these projects to the next level and make bigger ones!!! (Maybe there will be an intermediate Turbo Pyro???)!!!!!!! I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone wanting to learn more about building fireworks.

Thanks again Harry! Jason Chopick…..PGI’s newest member!!

Sign Up below to get on the Early Bird list. Everybody on the Early Bird list will get first crack at the Turbo Pyro kits, ahead of everybody else. I believe that there will only be 50 or so kits completed this time. (We have to get the Turbo Pyro combo tool sets custom machined for us.)

And be sure and download the letter from the ATF which confirms it’s Federally legal for you to make your own fireworks. It’s free and you should keep a copy of it in your files. Your name will automatically be added to the Early Bird list for Turbo Pyro.

Download the ATF letter PDF

Double Check your email for accuracy to ensure you receive access to the free PDF. Our privacy policy keeps your email safe and secure. We will never sell, rent, give, or divulge your email information to ANYONE.

Enter your email for FREE access

Please comment below. What are your questions and concerns about making fireworks?

Harry Gilliam

Why do you NOT make fireworks?

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If you’d like to be able to make fireworks, but cannot for some reason, please tell us a little about your situation.

Here’s a quick questionnaire that’ll take you 2-3 minutes of your time.  Just go to the link below.


You do not have to provide any personal information. Any answers you provide will be kept completely confidential.

Why do we want this info?

Great question.

Skylighter tries to design products and fireworks-making projects so that people are actually able to complete them.  Projects that fit their life situations.

If you tell us what your fireworks problems, obstacles, and constraints are, then we will try to provide you with information that will help you overcome them.  And get projects designed that fit your particular situation and preferences.

For instance, some people told us that they believe there are Federal laws making it illegal to make fireworks.  But, actually, that’s not exactly so.  Soon, we’ll show you exactly what you have to do to be able to make all the fireworks you want and be in total compliance with Federal explosives laws.  It’s a lot easier than you think and very inexpensive.

The more of these kinds of problems we find out about, the more we may be able to help you.

So, please, take just 2-3 minutes and answer the 7 questions in this survey.


If you are already making fireworks, please skip this questionnaire.  Thanks.

Thank you for your time.

Talk to you soon,

Harry Gilliam

PS:  Question for you:  What are your biggest fireworks fears?  Just leave a comment below.

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